A notebook is a type of print medium intended for making notes. Notebooks come in different sizes, from A7 to A3 format. Also, they contain a different number of pages (usually 40-50), which are attached to a spring. A branded notebook is an excellent attribute for exhibitions and presentations as a gift from the company. […]



A brochure is a book edition (a block of sheets stapled at the root) from 4 to 48 pages. Brochures are a common type of advertising product. Typically, brochures contain descriptions of the services, features and benefits of the business, which helps customers become more familiar with a product. We can also develop a design […]



A booklet is a print medium that effectively introduces customers to a company, their products and services. With the help of booklets, you can inform clients about the details of events or promotions. The booklets combine a large volume of structured information with creative design, making them easy to understand. The booklet is made in […]

Business cards


A business card is a card that contains basic information about a person or company. Business cards are convenient to carry due to their small size. It also makes them easy to hand out to partners or clients. Therefore, with the help of business cards, you will maintain professional connections, exchange contacts, and promote your […]



A label is a graphic or text label that is placed on finished products. Companies often use labels to increase brand awareness and ensure design unity across all printed materials. It gives products a professional look and image consistency. We can also develop a design for you



A calendar is not only a time-tracker, but also a great tool to plan and organize your work. In addition, calendars can be a useful corporate gift. Among the many types of calendars, you can choose the one that meets your needs.         quarterly calendars;       wall calendars;     […]



A catalog (brochure in adhesive binding) is a prestigious print medium for an image periodical. Such catalogs are useful in any field of goods and services, because customers can immediately familiarize themselves with the assortment of products, characteristics, prices and other important details. Availability of high-quality catalogs will bring your business to a new level […]



An envelope is a type of print medium intended for sending not only advertising materials, but also official and business correspondence. With an envelope, you will ensure the confidentiality of the content and protect it from possible damage. We can also develop a design for you



A postcard is a paper card with text on both sides. Thanks to this feature, it can include a lot of important information on sheets, which makes postcards an effective advertising tool. You can use them to tell more people about your services or products. If you want potential customers to keep the postcard, you […]



A sticker is a print medium that has an adhesive layer on one side and a text or image on the other. Stickers are often used when conducting promotional programs or informing consumers about price changes. There are the following types of stickers:         decal stickers, paper stickers;       glossy, […]

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