What is bending, folding?

What is bending, folding?

Що таке бігування, фальцювання?

Bending is the application of folds to a sheet using special equipment. The peculiarity of this method is the clearly defined place where two parts of the printed product are joined. Bending is used to create folds on high-density paper, which avoids cracking and deterioration of the appearance of the product. Folding is the process […]

Why is Canva not suitable for printing products?

Чому Canva не підходить для друку поліграфічної продукції?

Canva, although it allows you to create good designs, is not the best choice for printing products. First, Canva does not provide the high-quality images necessary for printing, as a result of which the image printed through Canva will look blurry or pixelated. Secondly, there is a lack of support for the CMYK color space. […]

What are CMYK and RGB?

CMYK and RGB are color models used for different purposes. CMYK minimizes color distortion during printing, so this model is used to create print mediums (postcards, magazines, banners, etc.). The images that we see on the screens of gadgets are created in RGB format, which is best suited for digital media.

What is the difference between offset and coated paper?

У чому відмінність офсетного та крейдованого паперу?

The choice of paper depends on the ordered product. Offset paper is used for printing forms, books and newspapers. Coated paper looks more expensive and elegant, so gift books, magazines and other advertising products are printed on it (leaflets, flyers, booklets, and catalogs).

What are the layout requirements for offset printing?

Який папір краще використовувати для друку листівок?

The size of the layout should correspond to the size of the finished product. Indents should be 5 mm from the edge of each side and 2 mm under the cut on the edges. CMYK color scheme, resolution 260–300 dpi. Layout file format for offset printing: .PSD, .AI, .EPS, .CDR.

What is the standard size of business cards?

Який папір краще використовувати для друку листівок?

In Ukraine, the standard size of a business card is 90×50 mm, and the size of the ready-to-print layout (trimmed format) is 94×54 mm. The European standard is slightly different; the most popular business card size there is 85×55 mm (8.5×5.5 cm).

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